YANOS won A.N.Kosygin award

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28 may 2014

YANOS won A.N.Kosygin award


JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" was acknowledged as a winner of A.N.Kosygin award for implementing cutting edge processes and revamp of industrial facilities in the field of petrochemical industry and also for an essential contribution into the Russian economy. The ceremony of the award presentation took place on May 26 in Moscow in State Geological Museum of the Russian Academy of Science named after V.I.Vernadskyi.


The award was established by Russian Union of Manufacturers and is bestowed for outstanding achievements in the field of science, engineering and industry management.


Mr. N.I Ryzhkov, the member of Federation Union and Honorable President of Russian Union of Manufacturers, Mr. O.N.Soskovetz, the President of Russian Union of Manufacturers and Mr.S.Yu.Glaziev, the Adviser of Russian President in the area of regional economic integration took part in the solemn ceremony of the award presentation. 


Mr. Nikolay Ivanovich Ryzhkov highlighted in course of his speech while presenting the award to Mr. A.A.Nikitin, General Director of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS", that due to the revamp of the industrial facilities YANOS has become one of the few Russian Refineries which started to produce the motor fuels in compliance with Euro-5 standards ahead of the scheduled timeframes.  


In general 27 industrial plants in the field of fuel and energetic and agricultural industries, heavy engineering industry, transportation industry, scientific researches and information technologies provision became the winners of the award as per the results of their work in year 2013. 


A.N.Kosygin award was established on June 30, 2001 by the Russian Union of Manufacturers and was named after the prominent state politician of the XXth century Aleksey Nikolayevich Kosygin. Mr. Kosygin was in charge and now his name is associated with the preparation and fulfillment of the economic reforms in the USSR in the second half of the 1960s aimed at the improvement of the industry management, upgrading of the planning and reinforcement of the economic motivation in the industrial production. The essence of these reforms was in decentralization of macroeconomic planning, increase of the role of such economic efficiency indexes like profit and cost-effectiveness and the increase of the plants independence.


The award is bestowed to the scientists, specialists and practicians and also to scientific research institutes, educational establishments, industrial and agricultural plants and other institutes for actual achievements in solving the fundamental and practical problems of the economy, for upgrading and development of separate economy fields.