YANOS is acknowledged as “The Best Industrial Enterprise of Yaroslavl Region”

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13 october 2014

YANOS is acknowledged as “The Best Industrial Enterprise of Yaroslavl Region”


The results of the competition among the industrial enterprises for the title of "The Best Industrial Enterprise of Yaroslavl Region"  have been finalized in Yaroslavl. JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" was acknowledged as the best one in the category of "chemical and petrochemical industry".

At present 3, 030 enterprises are operating in the industrial production sector of Yaroslavl region. 20 of them are nominated as the best in their industrial categories.   

The annual scope of crude oil processing at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" comprises 15 MTA. The Refinery is within the first five largest Refineries in Russia. During the last ten years JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" is gradually performing the upgrading of its industrial facilities. Due to the technical revamp in July 2012 the Refinery was one of the first among the Russian enterprises which transferred completely to motor fuels production in compliance with Euro-5 regulations.    

In year 2014 the revamp of gasoline pool process units was performed at YANOS within the frames of the investment program implementation. These activities were targeted at the increase of high quality gasolines production. Besides, the completely new scheme of diesel fuel production was designed and implemented at the Refinery which allowed the increase of diesel fuel winter types production.  

More than 3 thousand employees are employed at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS". The Labor Contract which is in effect at the Refinery provides a large range of different social preferences and benefits for the employees and was acknowledged several times as the best one in Yaroslavl region.  

Mr. Sergey Yastrebov, the Governor of Yaroslavl region took part in the awarding ceremony and underlined the crucial role of the industrial enterprises in the economics of the region. The awarding ceremony took place on the Day of Industry which had been held 4 years successively with an objective to evaluate the achievements of the regional enterprises and also to discuss the present problems.