YANOS improves operational efficiency.

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2 june 2020

YANOS improves operational efficiency.


As part of the long-term development strategy PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS” is constantly making efforts to reduce operating costs and increase production efficiency.

The program for increasing operational efficiency at the enterprise includes a set of measures for the technical revamp of production facilities and the introduction of new tools to optimize refinery operating modes, save energy and reduce energy consumption, increase operational reliability and increase the turnaround cycle of equipment, and reduce permanent losses.

The program for increasing operational efficiency is formed taking into account the initiatives put forward by the employees of the enterprise within the framework of the continuous improvement system operating at YANOS.

On the corporate portal of PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS” a module “Suggestions for Improving Operational Efficiency” was developed and introduced, with the help of which each employee of the refinery has the opportunity to express his ideas on improving production efficiency.

Over the past year, employees of the enterprise have put forward 65 proposals. Of these, 6 new initiatives were taken for the implementation of optimizing the operation of such process facilities as the 1A-1M Catalytic Cracking Unit and LG-35/11 Reforming Unit, the S-300 Section (selective oil purification) of the KM-2 Oils and Paraffins Complex, chemicals facilities of Gas Workshop, Bitumen Production Unit of crude oil processing facilities. The expected cumulative economic effect from the implementation of these measures will be more than 390 million rubles per year. Currently, the introduction of these developments into production has been launched as part of the technical revamp of existing process facilities planned for this year.

The overall economic effect as a result of the implementation of the program for improving the operational efficiency of PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS” in 2019 amounted to more than 2.2 billion rubles. A significant increase in process efficiency was allowed by large-scale technical revamp of the AVT-3 CDU Unit and the C5-C6 fractions Isomerization Unit (Izomalk).

Energy efficiency indicators are improved thanks to the modernization of furnaces carried out at the AVT-3 Unit; the installation of frequency converters on electric motors on the air coolers of process units, the use of residual heat from the condensate by the resource supply workshop and other planned measures.

Thanks to the constant work aimed at reducing the irretrievable losses in 2019, this indicator was reduced from 0.49% * to 0.43%.
* excluding petrochemical losses