YANOS Chief Process Engineer Eduard Dutlov became Engineer of the Year

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8 february 2023

YANOS Chief Process Engineer Eduard Dutlov became Engineer of the Year

YANOS Chief Process Engineer Eduard Dutlov became Engineer of the Year
More than 70 thousand people from 55 regions of Russia took part in the XXIII All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year-2022". Diplomas "Laureate of the Competition" will be awarded to 274 specialists according to the "Professional Engineers" version and 146 - according to the "Engineering Art of the Young" version.

The outstanding achievements of the leading specialist of the Novo-Yaroslavl Refinery were confirmed in the finals of the XXIII All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year-2022" as per the results of which Eduard Valentinovich became the winner of the "Professional Engineers" version in the Oil and Gas Industry nomination.

Eduard Valentinovich has been working at the refinery since 2000. Today he is a recognized expert in the field of catalytic cracking, catalytic processes and hydroprocessing. Eduard Dutlov was directly involved in the implementation of technical ideas aimed at organizing and increasing the production of oil products that are significant for the development of the Arctic and Northern territories of the Russian Federation. He is the author of 36 patents (of which 27 are implemented in PJSC Slavneft-YaNOS) and a large number of rationalization proposals. In addition, 27 articles have been published under his authorship in refining journals.

Over the years of work at PJSC Slavneft-YANOS, Eduard Dutlov became a laureate of various awards:

•    PJSC Gazprom in the field of science and technology for the work “Development of the production method and composition of the hydrocarbon base for Gazpromneft Drilling drilling fluids” (2019);
•    International Competition for Scientific, Scientific-Technical and Innovative Developments Aimed at the Development of the Fuel, Energy and Mining Industry for the study “Increasing the production of winter diesel fuel at PJSC Slavneft-YaNOS by sending ballast fractions in addition to the dewaxing process” (2020);
•    International Prize in Finance and Economics named after P.A. Stolypin in the nomination "For personal contribution to the creation of highly efficient (high-tech) production" for the work "Development and implementation of technology for increasing the production of jet fuel at PJSC Slavneft-YaNOS" (2020);
•    International competition of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative developments aimed at the development and researching of the Arctic and the continental shelf for the work “Import substitution for the development of the Arctic. Organization of the production of hydrocarbon bases for drilling fluids" (2021) and "Development of technology and production of the world's first batch of arctic diesel fuel with an application temperature of up to minus 65°C" (2022).

In 2020, Eduard Valentinovich was awarded a Certificate of Honor from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for his great personal contribution to the development of the fuel and energy complex and many years of conscientious work, and in 2019 - a Certificate of Honor from the Department of Investments and Industry of the Yaroslavl Region for significant labor and production achievements.

We congratulate Eduard Valentinovich on a well-deserved award and wish him further success in the field of engineering creativity.