VIIIth Youth Scientific and Technical Conference took place at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”

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2 december 2013

VIIIth Youth Scientific and Technical Conference took place at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”


13 members of YANOS Refinery and three specialists from the other Refineries: JSC "Saratov Refinery" and JSC "Kinef" (Kirishi) took part in the work of VIII Scientific and Technical Conference (STC) of the young specialists of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" which took place on the 28th of November.

The topics of the projects which were forwarded for the assessment of the competent committee of judges related to the improvement of the applied processes and equipment, increase of the economic efficiency of the industrial production process and the issues of the optimal use of the available resources.  

Young specialists of YANOS were included within the three top prize winners. The creative project of Alexander Druzhinin  and Pavel Ivanov - operators of lube oils dewaxing unit KM-2 (lube oils and paraffins complex) was acknowledged to be the best at the present conference. They proposed the new approaches for the solvent regeneration processes.  

The second top prize was awarded to Process Engineer of Technical Department Sergey Petrovichev who developed the scheme "Expansion of the feed base of Isomerization unit due to involvement of 70-105°С cut». 

The third top prize was awarded by the judges committee to the Head of Analytical Research Group of the Refinery Research Laboratory Igor Gafurianov for the development of the project "Decrease of power consumption in case of shut down of naphtha secondary processing section of AVT-3 process unit". In September this year I.Gafurianov was also awarded the third place at the regional competition "Engineer of the year" under the nomination "Engineering Art of the Youth".

Participation of the young specialists in Scientific and Technical Conferences facilitates the development of their initiative and research activity, acquaints them with the groundbreaking research aimed at the solution of the most actual goals which are on the agenda of the Refineries.