Two types of YANOS products were announced within 100 best products of Russia

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20 november 2017

Two types of YANOS products were announced within 100 best products of Russia


On November 16th the solemn ceremony took place with awarding the prizes to the participants of the competition “100 best products of Russia” who are the industrial enterprises of Yaroslavl region. JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” submitted two types of the oil products for this competition.   Lead-free gasoline of AI-98-К5 grade became the winner and winter diesel fuel DT-Z-К5 minus 32 became the award winner of the competition in the nomination “Process and Industrial Purposes Products”. They were awarded the status of “The new product of the year”. Besides, the gasoline AI-98-К5 was included within the “Golden Hundred” of the competition which the jury completed for the first time this year from the award winning products having the best quality, environmental properties, safety, materials and power efficiency.

Lead-free gasoline of AI-98-К5 grade is meant for transportation vehicles with the highly forced motors. High quality of motor gasoline is guaranteed by its optimal composition: its preparation involves the light components with the high-octane parameters (alkyl gasoline, isomerization product, isopentane) and this ensures the guaranteed motor start in any time of the year. This gasoline does not contain   antiknock additives.  Methyl-tret-butyl ether which has the high octane number is used in the fuel preparation and it prevents the formation of the deposits in the motor and reduces the adverse effect of the motor vehicle exhaust gases.  

Diesel dewaxed fuel DT-Z-К5 minus 32 complies with the requirements of European standard EN 590, class Euro-5 and is meant for using by the transportation vehicles with the diesel motors. The improved low temperature properties allow to operate the transport and to start the motor in the cold time of the year – at the ambient air temperature up to -32°С.

JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” is one of the leading companies in the Russian oil refining industry and takes the fourth place for the feed processing capacity among the Russian Refineries. Different types of the Refinery oil products every year receive the all-Russia recognition and become the winners of the competition “100 best products of Russia”  - YANOS is the constant participant of this competition since the year 2001. Many times the Refinery became the winner of the Yaroslavl region award «For the best work in the quality provision area”, the company was awarded with the special prize, “Quality Leader” within the Program of “100 best products of Russia”, bonus from the Russian Federation Government for the quality.