Two types of JSC “Slavneft-Yanos” products won the award of the competition “100 best products of Russia”

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27 november 2014

Two types of JSC “Slavneft-Yanos” products won the award of the competition “100 best products of Russia”


On 27th November a solemn ceremony of rewarding the winners of the All-Russia Competition "100 best products of Russia" took place. JSC "Slavneft-Yanos" has been a constant participant of the program since the year 2001. This year the refinery submitted for the judgment of the jury two types of products that won the nomination of the competition laureate: Unleaded Gasoline Super Euro-98 Type III and Diesel Fuel EURO Grade F, Type III.

These oil products conform to the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations TR TS 013/2011, GOST R and European Standard Euro-5.  

Unleaded Gasoline Super Euro-98 Type III is designed for the vehicles with gasoline engines possessing the high degree of compression and specific capacity. The application of this gasoline ensures the possibility of the additional fuel saving.  Its high quality is guaranteed by the optimal component composition.  Apart from this, Gasoline Super Euro-98 does not contain additives and its high octane component methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) within this compound contributes to a more complete burning and the removal of the previously formed deposits from the engine cylinders, valves and manifold. The high anti-detonation properties enable to elongate the power unit life time and provide its stable operation in all modes.

Diesel Fuel EURO Grade F, Type III is designed for the vehicles with diesel engines. Due to its improved parameters it provides a more complete burning in the engine system and the reduction of the parts wear, decreases the fuel consumption, hazardous substances exhaust, the exhaust gases smokiness.  Per its low temperature properties this product type belongs to interseasonal fuel and has CFPP maximum -20°C, it is mostly applied during autumn and spring periods when a sufficient air temperature decrease is possible.

YANOS has been producing Unleaded Gasoline Super Euro-98 Type III since July 2012 and Diesel Fuel EURO Grade F, Type III - since November 2013. Both types of the competition products are supplied to the domestic market.  

JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" is the leader in the oil refining industry of Russia. Since 1st July 2012 all motor fuels (motor gasoline and diesel fuel) produced at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" conform to Standard Euro-5.

The goal-oriented work of the company for the production of the high-quality, environment friendly motor fuels was repeatedly highly appreciated at the regional and all-Russia level. Thus, YANOS three times (in 2003, 2007 and 2012) became the laureate, and in 2011 - the diploma winner of the annual Yaroslavl Oblast Award "For the best work in the sphere of quality assurance"; in 2008 the company received the award of the Russian Federation Government for quality assurance. Per the decision of the All-Russia Quality Committee JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" was included in the Hall of Fame of the above committee for the achieved results in the sphere of the implementation of the effective management methods and high quality of products.  In 2014 the refinery received the Kosygin Award for the sufficient contribution to the Russian economy.  

Annually different types of the refinery products become the laureates and diploma winners of the all-Russia competition "100 best products of Russia". In 2010, in the frame of this competition, the refinery was awarded the prize "Quality Leader" for the stable production of high quality products.