The XIII scientific and technical conference of young specialists of YANOS was held

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25 october 2018

The XIII scientific and technical conference of young specialists of YANOS was held


On October 24, the XIII Scientific and Technical Conference of young employees of JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” was held. For the first time, the reports of the participants were held simultaneously in two sections: “Technology of oil and gas refining processes” and “Oil and gas refining equipment”.

Pavel Ivanov and Andrey Popov, Process Engineers of the Research Laboratory, were among the 11 participants in the section “Technology of oil and gas refining processes” with the report “Development of basic technical solutions to increase the performance of hydrodemercantane jet fuel units at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”. The operators of Group III Base Oils Production section of the Hydrocracking unit Roman Gudkevich and Valentin Khudyakov, authors of the report “The separation of carbon dioxide from stripping gas from the PSA sections of hydrogen production units”, won a special prize in the nomination “Innovative Solutions in Oil Refining”.

In the section “Equipment for oil and gas refining” 10 reports were presented. The “Analysis of the effectiveness of the use of screw-type compressors in the technological lay out of the C-200 plant manufactured by KM-2”, prepared by the operator of this unit Demian Izotov, was recognized as the best. The operator of the Hydrocracking unit Dmitry Dryagin was awarded for the victory in the nomination “High degree of personal participation”. He developed the report “Introduction of the direct-drive cooling tower fan motor system at the Hydrocracking unit”.

“We annually hold a scientific and technical conference of young specialists, and the entry list is constantly expanding,” said Nikolai Karpov, General Director of JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”. - Among the speakers this time there were the students of the target groups of the Technical University and the Industrial-Economic College - in these educational institutions there is training for our enterprise. For the first time, we invited students of the first engineering YANOS class to attend the conference. At the end of last year, we introduced three innovations which were presented by the conference participants into production. Each initiative, each idea of young professionals is interesting and will be carefully considered.

The jury confirmed the high level of reports presented at the conference and stated that most of them will find their practical application.