The results of the annual competition among the young rationalizers at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” have been calculated.

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4 december 2012

The results of the annual competition among the young rationalizers at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” have been calculated.


The results of the following competition for the best rationalizing proposal among the young employees of the Refinery have been calculated. The special committee has reviewed 24 projects which were submitted for the competition during the current year. Having discussed with taking into consideration the existing criteria of technical and economic feasibility of the new industrial decisions the committee announced the winners for three topical branches.

In the branch «Production» the best was announced the rationalizing proposal of the deputy head of gasoline cuts Isomerization unit Vladimir Mazaev (it was a co-working project with elder colleagues Oleg Bebenin and Andrey Kolerov) "Increase of the loading of cut IBP-62 to the hydrotreatment unit of Isomerization unit C5-C6 (Izomalk -2)", the expected economic effect from which will comprise about 90 mln. rubles.   

In the branch of "Utilities" the first place was given to the project on "Schemes of T-18 steam superheater flushing at Hydrogen Production unit 2". Young authors of this proposal are employees of hydroprocessing workshop Vitaliy Builov, Sergey Perov and Denis Chukleev together with the Head of the Workshop Sergey Lokhmatov have calculate the expected economic saving in the amount of 2,9 mln rubles.

 In the branch of "Environment Protection and Industrial Safety" the first place was given to the rationalizing project on "Connecting the transmitters of the axial displacement of compressor Н-63/4 to ControlLogix controller» developed by Instrumentation specialists of the Instrument Workshop Anton Sergeev and Viktor Glukhov.

The competition among the young rationalizers is held at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" for the seventh time within the frames of scientific and technical conference of the Refinery young employees. Many new solutions which won the prizes during the previous years have been successfully implemented into the operation and effect its efficiency increase.