The best innovators were defined at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”

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3 december 2013

The best innovators were defined at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”


JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" have defined the results of the annual competition for the best innovative proposal among the young specialists. 19 projects were submitted for the attention of the competition judges committee.

Technical and economical justifications of the proposed industrial solutions were evaluated based on the objective criteria. In the result, the best innovative proposals of the Refinery young specialists were selected as per three topical areas.

In "Production" nomination the innovative proposal of Sergey Myachin and Andrey Radzyuk in co-authorship with the Head of Workshop №9 Alexey Kesarev related to "Increase of operation reliability of СК-201 recycle compressor dry gas seals at Gasoline Hydrotreatment unit" was admitted to be the best.

In "Power Engineering" nomination the project related to "Changing the structure of the burner devices of П-101 heater of L-35/6-300 process unit» was admitted to be the best. The young co-author of this proposal, an Engineer of Catalytic Reforming unit Dmitriy Soloviyov together with his older colleagues Evgeniy Kapustin, Oleg Gogulin and Igor Babushkin estimated the expected economy from the implementation of the innovation proposal at Catalytic Reforming unit equal to 11.17 mln. rubles.  

In "Environment, Industrial Safety" nomination the innovation proposal related to "Separation of the flare lines of the leakage withdrawal from the first stage of front and field  dry gas seals at recycle compressors СК-101 А/В at Hydrocracking unit» developed by Mechanical Engineer of Hydroprocessing Workshop Ivan Chekalkin together with his c-author Konstantin Sorokin was admitted to be the best.

The innovations competition among the young members has been held annually at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" for eight years already. The major part of economically and technically justified industrial solutions is successfully implemented into the current industrial operation of the Refinery and allows to increase its efficiency.