Revamp of Gasoline Pool Process Units has been Completed at YANOS

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25 july 2014

Revamp of Gasoline Pool Process Units has been Completed at YANOS


JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" has completed the revamp of a few process units participating in motor gasolines production: FCC unit 1A-1M, sulphuric acid alkylation unit 25/7 and MTBE production unit.

The major objectives of the revamp project are as follows: increase of production volumes of high octane motor gasolines, escalation of production efficiency and upgrading the Refinery to the new higher level of industrial efficiency.

Within the frames of the process units reconstruction the complex of works was performed targeted at the provision of substantial process equipment renewal, replacement of the processes control systems, arrangement of the closed drainage systems, etc.

The largest-scale revamp works were performed at the FCC unit. As a result of the revamp FCC unit capacity increased from 1.25 up to 1.5 MTPA.

The capacity of the process units related to FCC unit, namely MTBE production unit and sulphuric acid alkylation unit 25/7, producing the high octane gasoline components increased after the completion of the revamp on 30% and 20% correspondingly.

The performed revamp of the gasoline pool units allows to transfer these process units from two years to three years overhaul life cycle.

Investments into the revamp project comprised over 6.3 billion rubles and about 500 million of this amount was allocated for to the improvement of industrial and fire fighting safety of the specified process units to bring them into conformity with the current ordinances and regulations.

Revamp of gasoline pool process units is a part of the general program of the Refinery technical revamp. Due to the scheduled revamp of the industrial facilities JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" was enabled to transfer completely to the production of Euro-5 motor fuels since July 1, 2012.