PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS” passed an inspection audit of the energy management system

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15 july 2020

PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS” passed an inspection audit of the energy management system


Auditors of TŰV (Austria) confirmed the compliance of the YANOS energy management system (EMS) with the requirements of the international standard ISO 50001: 2011.

An energy management system was introduced at the enterprise in 2016 to systematize and structure activities aimed at energy conservation taking into account advanced world achievements in the field of management.

Representatives of TŰV, who conducted an audit of the EMS at YANOS, did not identify inconsistencies with the requirements of the international standard, positively evaluating the work carried out by the enterprise.

SEnM, used in PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS”, involves a three-year energy conservation program with annual updating. For the period from 2017 to 2019 the company implemented 48 energy-saving measures with a total economic effect of more than 600 million rubles. Therefore, in 2019, the most significant event for YANOS was the modernization of heaters at the AVT-3 Crude Oil Distillation Unit which increased the efficiency of their work.

Plan for 2020-2022 involves the implementation of 34 energy-saving measures with an economic effect of more than 487 million rubles. This will allow YANOS not only to save a significant amount, but also to reduce the energy intensity index (EII) to 98.4 points, which is one of the best indicators among enterprises in the industry. The plans for the current year are to obtain the effect of energy-saving measures in the amount of more than 136 million rubles, while some of the measures have already been implemented during the technical revamp of process units during the scheduled turnaround.

All employees of the Refinery are involved in energy saving work at PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS”. A resource accumulating proposals to improve production efficiency is one of the sections of the enterprise’s corporate portal where you can publish your initiatives and proposals. This activity is fully encouraged by the management of YANOS through a specially developed bonus system.