Nikolay Karpov, General Director of YANOS, took part in the Day of Industry in the Yaroslavl region

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3 october 2018

Nikolay Karpov, General Director of YANOS, took part in the Day of Industry in the Yaroslavl region


On the 2nd of October, the Day of Industry took place in the Yaroslavl region and this year it was dedicated to industry digitalization. Nikolay Karpov, General Director of JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” took part in the work of strategic session together with the representatives of the leading industrial plants and universities of the Yaroslavl region.

- The subjects which were discussed on the Day of Industry are very important for our Refinery, - noted N.V.Karpov. - For instance, automated process control systems have been used at YANOS for a very long time and since the last year we started to implement the systems of the upd ated technological process control which minimize human factor and control the operation of the units depending on the se t parameters. We established this system last year at ELOU-АТ and AVT-4 (crude oil processing units), this year it will be established at four other units. The results of this work effect the improvement of the produced products quality, precision of planning and reduction of the production losses. At the same time, we create the common system of the Refinery control when a few people will conduct the technological process from the centralized control room at all the sites of the Refinery facilities. Besides, we are planning to use the digitalization for improving the control system of equipment operation and its up-to-date maintenance and in many other fields of the Refinery activities – using of the digital technological processes has huge economic effect.

In accordance with the tradition within the frames of the Day of Industry, the results of the competition “The best industrial plants of Yaroslavl region” were announced. The Governor of Yaroslavl region Dmitri Mironov awarded JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” with the Certificate of Appreciation for the growth of tax income and that became possible due to the growth of crude oil processing scope and good financial and economic parameters of the Refinery operation in the year 2017.