JANOS Improved the Quality of Roofing Bitumen

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14 april 2020

JANOS Improved the Quality of Roofing Bitumen


PJSC “Slavneft-YANOS” commissioned the production of an improved brand of roofing bitumen BNK-U 45/190 according to the organization standard developed by the company's specialists. YANOS is one of the few Russian oil refineries producing this type of roofing bitumen. The products are in great demand in the production of modern roofing and wall materials: rolled waterproofing and vapor barrier, flexible tiles and facade tiles.

Compared with the current GOST 9548-74 on roofing bitumen, the new organization standard has improved the values of indicators such as the penetration depth of the needle at 25°C (a parameter that determines the hardness of bitumen), the flash point (characterizes the degree of danger of bitumen when it is heated), and the mass fraction of paraffin (determines the adhesive ability of bitumen), which provides an increase in the operational properties of bitumen, affecting the manufacturing process of roofing materials.

To confirm the quality of the improved oil roofing bitumen BNK-U 45/190, work was carried out on certification of products at the Central Authority of the “NSS” system of FBU “Nizhny Novgorod TZSM”, a Certificate of Compliance was obtained, and a product Safety Data Sheet was developed and registered to provide it to the consumer.

Due to the stability of the production of roofing bitumen, the period of its certification and the time of shipment were reduced.

Currently, YANOS produces a wide range of road, construction and roofing bitumen. In 2019, their total production amounted to 445.8 thousand tons, including BNK 45/190 bitumen - 82.8 thousand tons.