In year 2014 YANOS increased the crude oil processing by 1.7%

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23 january 2015

In year 2014 YANOS increased the crude oil processing by 1.7%


In year 2014 JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" processed 15.3 MTA of the crude oil and this value is by 1.7% higher than the similar value for the previous year.

Crude oil conversion level in January-December 2014 comprised 63.31%.  

Within the above mentioned period the Refinery produced 8.25 MTA of light oil products (that is 1.7% less than the last year level) including 2.13 MTA of motor gasolines (12.5% liquidizing), 1.08 MTA of kerosenes (increase by 21.5%), 4.35 MTA of diesel fuel  (0.7% liquidizing), 134.6 K TPA of aromatic hydrocarbons (increase by 30.1%). All motor fuels were produced in compliance with the environment standard Euro-5.

Besides, in year 2014 the Refinery produced 412.2 K TPA of oil bitumens and 220.4 K TPA of lube oils.  

Decrease of motor fuels production scope in year 2014 was caused by the scheduled revamp of "gasoline pool" process units performed by JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" in the March-July of the previous year.  The revamp was targeted at further increase of the production scope of high quality motor gasolines. The revamp was performed within the frames of quadruple Agreement on the Refinery revamp between JSC "NGK "Slavneft", FAS (Federal Anti-Monopoly Service) of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rostekhregulirovaniye) and Rostekhnadzor.