In year 2012 YANOS increased oil conversion on 3.4%

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16 january 2013

In year 2012 YANOS increased oil conversion on 3.4%


JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" concluded the results of production activities for the previous year.

Crude oil conversion scope in year 2012 comprised 15.28 MTA and that exceeds the previous year on 3.4% being the highest value for the last twenty years of Refinery operation.

Feed conversion depth comprised 65.51%.

8.56 MTA of light oil products was produced and this exceeds the level of year 2011 on 2.7%. The following products were produced - 2.43 MTA of motor gasolines (3.3% increase), 873.7 TPA of jet fuels (3.7% increase), 4.72 MTA of diesel fuel (6.1% increase), 112.8 TPA of aromatic hydrocarbons (17.3% increase).

Besides, in year 2012 - 439.7 TPA of oil bitumen and 223 TPA of lube oils were produced.

Beginning from July 1 all the motor fuels at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" are in compliance with Euro-5 and that became possible due to the previously performed scheduled work on the revamp of the Refinery operational facilities.