Governor of Yaroslavl region Mikhail Evraev highly appreciated the activities of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC

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11 october 2022

Governor of Yaroslavl region Mikhail Evraev highly appreciated the activities of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC

Governor of Yaroslavl region Mikhail Evraev highly appreciated the activities of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC
The Day of Industry of Yaroslavl region 2022 was celebrated on October 7, 2022 in Yaroslavl, in Concert and Entertainment Center «Millennium».

The event has acquired over twelve years of its existence the status of the main business platform in the region where currently important issues of industrial development, the interaction of science and business are discussed, where business contacts between enterprises are established and consolidated.

About 500 representatives of business society, federal and regional authorities, organizations for support of industry infrastructure, science and education organizations as well as federal experts and delegations of the subjects of the Russian Federation participated this year at the Industry Day.

The Chief engineer of YANOS Nikolai Vakhromov was awarded a diploma from the Governor of Yaroslavl region Mikhail Evraev «For high (outstanding) results in the area of industrial production, culture, organization of production, creation of high-performance working places, active work with federal institutions for state support of industrial enterprises and for the growth of tax payments to the budgets of all levels».

The oil refinery in Yaroslavl has established itself during 60 years of its history as the reliable partner of Yaroslavl region and is not only one of the largest taxpayers and the employers in the region but also a philanthropist who supports the implementation of many major socially significant projects in the field of education, healthcare, culture and sports, youth policy, work with philanthropic foundations whose activities are referred to the support of families with many children, socially vulnerable and low-mobility categories of citizens. YANOS also participates in the improvement of public areas of the city and recreation areas for Yaroslavl citizens.

Slavneft-YANOS PJSC ranks the third place in terms of refining of crude oil in Russia, and the first place in production of jet fuel. The enterprise and the team of YANOS researchers became in 2021 the laureates of the first award of the Arktika-2021 competition for the work «Substitution of Import for Development of Arctic. Production of hydrocarbon bases for drilling fluids». This year the enterprise also became a laureate of the International Competition for Scientific, Scientific and Technic, Innovative Developments referred to the Development of the Arctic and of the Continental Shelf in 2022. The project of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC researchers «Development and production of the first batch in the world of arctic diesel fuel with the usage at the temperature up to minus 65°C» was highly appreciated by the experts of the competition which included the leading scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, representatives of federal executive authorities, leading scientific, research, design and project institutes and organizations of Russia.