From July 01, 2012 all motor fuels produced by YaNOS will meet Euro-5 standard

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15 june 2012

From July 01, 2012 all motor fuels produced by YaNOS will meet Euro-5 standard


Under the effective Technical Regulations on Motor Fuel Production, all Russian refineries shall shift to manufacturing the 5 Class (Euro-5) products by 2015. The RF Government has made amendments into the Tax Code, among which are decreased excise rates on the Euro-5 motor fuel and diesel oil from July 01, 2012. Therefore, oil companies obtained the economic incentive for the accelerated transition to more eco-friendly fuel production. 

The stage-wise upgrading of YaNOS enabled the Refinery to produce all types of motor fuel and diesel oil according to the highest Euro-5 eco-standard. The Refinery has been implementing the Integrated Upgrading Program for more than 10 years. In 2002 - 2010, Slavneft invested over $1.5 bln under the Program. Over this period, YaNOS reconstructed and built 17 major operational facilities, including the up-to-date Deep Oil Processing Plant with the Hydro-Cracking, Visbreaking and Catalytic Reforming Units.

In 2011, the capital expenditures for the YaNOS upgrading made approximately $305 mln. Under the Investment Program, the Refinery launched the new Izomalk, С5-С6 Gasoline Fractions Isomerization Unit on September 30, 2011, and the Cat-Cracked Gasoline Hydrotreatment Unit on December 28, 2011. It allowed to significantly increasing the high-octane gasoline output and accomplishing transition to production of all motor fuels not lower than the Euro-4 standard by January 1, 2012.

At present, YaNOS implements the new Investment Program envisaging revamp of the Cat-Cracked, MTBE Production , Alkylation Units and construction of Group III Oils Production and DO Hydrotreatment Units by 2016. In the mid-term, YaNOS plans to construct the modern Black Oil Refining Complex for increasing the oil processing depth up to the international standards.