Employees of JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” became the winners of regional contest of innovators and inventors

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27 june 2016

Employees of JSC “Slavneft-YANOS” became the winners of regional contest of innovators and inventors

On June, 24th in Yaroslavl there was an awarding of winners of the regional contest "Best invention, useful model, industrial model, innovative proposal".

The awarding was dedicated to the Day of Inventor and Innovator, which is celebrated on the last Saturday of June. In Yaroslavl region it is the 4th contest. 31 applications were submitted and more than 70 people participated in the contest. During the contest the following was reviewed: inventions, useful models, industrial models and innovative proposals, registered (finished, implemented) within 2 years before the contest, confirmed by corresponding licenses, certificates and other documents.

Among the winners of the contest there was a group of authors from Hydroprocess Workshop of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" including S.V. Lokhmatov, I.N. Chekalkin, V.A. Bujlov and A.S. Ermolaev. The innovative proposal "Exclusion of the pressure drop in feed heat exchangers of the Hydrocracking unit" developed by these people won the III place in the nomination "Best Innovative Proposal". The proposed technical solutions significantly lower the expenses for maintenance and cleaning feed heat exchangers as well as increase operating reliability of the unit. Economic effect of this proposal's implementation is more than 8 million rubles.

The diplomas were also awarded to the authors of innovative proposal "Modification of supply and return of MEA solution in workshops 1 and 5" - A.N. Klyukin and M.I. Pikhtov, who also were participating in the contest.

The proposed technical solution provides the sufficient MEA (monoethanolamine) flowrate in order to decrease the yield of hazardous substances into the atmosphere during gas burning in process furnaces and herewith elude additional capital expenses for assembly of new piping. The economical effect of this proposal's implementation is more than 9 million rubles.

JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" supports the work concerning development of innovative and inventive activity. The above mentioned authors are actively working in this direction. In 2015-2016 they have applied for and implemented into production 10 innovative proposals with total economic effect more than 20 million rubles. Moreover, the majority of them are winners of the annual refinery contest for the best innovative proposal among young employees of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS".