Diesel Fuel Dewaxing Project has been Completed at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”

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18 august 2014

Diesel Fuel Dewaxing Project has been Completed at JSC “Slavneft-YANOS”


The revamp of diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit LCH 24/7 targeted at implementation of isodewaxing process of diesel fuel heavy fractions based on platinum catalyst has been completed successfully at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS".

The revamp was aimed at the production increase of high quality winter diesel fuel with the simultaneous release of the sufficient volume of jet fuel (kerosene) which had been used for its production earlier. The constantly growing demand on both these products dictated the project fulfillment within the restricted timeframes.

The project had been developed and performed by the Refinery specialists in cooperation with Shell Company, the Licensor of the dewaxing process implemented at YANOS. The present project allowed by means of isomerization of diesel fuel wax fractions to decrease its cloud point (the initial stage of solidification) up to 22-28˚C.

Detailed Design was performed by JSC "Promkhimproject" (Yaroslavl), General Contractor for construction and installation works was JSC "Spetzmontazh". The major scope of works on the revamp of LCH 24/7 unit and the test run were performed in the end of April - July 2014.

The unique character of the project is based on the optimal integration of the new dewaxing process into the present operating scheme of diesel fuel production at YANOS with minimal expenditures, maximal utilization of the existing equipment and high yields of the market product. The specific feature of the implemented process became the split of diesel fuel into light and heavy cuts which allowed sending to the further dewaxing only the portion of the initial product which really requires dewaxing. The present feature was developed by the Refinery specialists.

The production of winter diesel fuel at this unit is scheduled for October 2014. It is assumed that the fulfilled project will allow increasing the monthly volume of winter diesel fuel production twice.

Diesel fuel is one of the basic products of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" production. Since the year 2006 the Refinery started the industrial production of Euro-5 diesel fuel with the decreased sulphur content, since July 1, 2012 the Refinery transferred completely to the motor fuels production in compliance with the present environmental standard. In year 2013 the volume of diesel fuel production at YANOS comprised 4.46mln tons including 428 thousand tons of winter types. Until the end of year 2014, with maintaining the present total annual volume of diesel fuel it is scheduled to increase the production of winter types of the fuel up to 525 thousand tons.