Crude Distillation Unit ELOU-AT-4 was commissioned at YANOS

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1 april 2010

Crude Distillation Unit ELOU-AT-4 was commissioned at YANOS


A new Crude Distillation Unit ELOU-AT-4 with the capacity of 4 MTPA was commissioned at YANOS on 30th March.

Start-up of this unit enabled decommissioning of out-of-date Crude Distillation Units AVT-1 and AVT-2.

Unit ELOU-AT-4 integrates the following sections: electric desalting, crude rectification, naphtha stabilization and re-distillation. This is a high tech unit constructed with the consideration of the modern industrial safety requirements.

The construction of the unit commenced at the end of 2007. The design was developed by ZAO “Neftechimproekt” (St.Petersburg), OAO “Promfinstroy was the contractor for engineering, procurement and construction. The project budget comprised 2.5 billion rubles.

The construction of the unit  ELOU-AT-4 was implemented under the program of the refinery modernization and revamp. In 2010-2011 YANOS plans to erect FCC gasoline hydrotreatment unit and complete the construction of C5 –C6 Isomerization unit. The implementation of the above projects will enable the refinery to produce clean gasoline meeting EURO-4 specification as well as the requirements of the motor fuel production regulations since 2011.

Apart from this it is planned to revamp FCC Unit 1A-1M and a number of other facilities, to construct a new Diesel Hydrotreatment Unit and start the development of Vacuum Residue Conversion Complex the commissioning of which will enable to increase the output of light petroleum products, reduce the production of fuel oils and achieve the conversion level of the leading world producers.