A New Collective Agreement was Signed by PJSC Slavneft-YANOS

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24 november 2023

A New Collective Agreement was Signed by PJSC Slavneft-YANOS

On November 23, the General Director of PJSC Slavneft-YANOS and the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, Alexander Badazhkov, signed a Collective Agreement that will be valid at the enterprise for the next three years. It preserves the guarantees for workers which currently exist at the enterprise, and a number of social benefits are updated in order to increase the amount of payments.

Thus, the payment for the birth of a child will now amount to 52,500 rubles, for the funeral of an employee or veteran of the refinery - 42,000 rubles. The monthly allowance for those on parental leave increases from 1,500 to 2,000 rubles, and for large families - from 500 to 700 rubles for each child. Also, 700 rubles per child will now be received monthly by single mothers, widows, fathers raising children without a mother, guardians raising two or more minor children.

Vacation packages for the “Mother and Child” summer holidays at the YANOS sanatorium will be given not only to parents, but also to grandparents. And winter one-day trips to the Beryozka country health complex will become completely family-friendly, that is, the employee will be able to get the trip packages not only for himself and his children, but also for other close relatives. Separately, it is worth noting that the conditions for receiving and the amount of a one-time benefit upon retirement remain the same, and the grounds for conferring the title of “Veteran of Labor” YANOS will not change either.

Let us remind you that PJSC Slavneft-YANOS is an enterprise of high social responsibility which has been repeatedly noted at various levels, and the Collective Agreement has been recognized as the best in the Yaroslavl region among production enterprises for several years.