Basic goal in the sphere of professional and labor safety at Slavneft-YANOS PJSC is maintaining life and health of Refinery personnel.

Industrial safety is provided by constantly acting industrial control of equipment status and safe operations in all the Refinery sectors, increase of professional education of chefs, specialists and operators. Every year the Contract is signed between administration and professional union for labor safety and the list of measures is provided for improvement of Refinery personnel labor conditions. Besides, at YANOS there is a Labor Safety Committee and Social Representatives Institute that provide additional control for following all the safety requirements in their sectors.

Among the Refinery personnel every year the competitions are held for training in the cases of fire and all other possible emergencies, saving people. Armored gas safety group of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC has been certified and trained for performing emergency safe works and assisting in the first aid in case of possible incidents.

Hazardous process units of the Refinery are equipped with computer training complexes for training personnel for possible emergency situations.

Refinery personnel are completely equipped with special clothes and individual protection means. Personnel of several workshops are equipped with individual gas analyzers.

Every year all Refinery personnel pass the medical tests. A list of measures is fulfilled for keeping the Refinery personnel healthy: vaccinations are made from influenza and other infection diseases, people are dispatched to resort sanatoriums; people with hazardous labor conditions are provided with diary products and dietary food.

At YANOS site there is a polyclinics equipped with all the necessary medical tools and medicines for the first medical aid.

Slavneft-YANOS PJSC resources protection control provides the day and night guard of the Refinery with the help of integrated safety system developed specially for the refinery for excluding the possibility of getting to Refinery territory of unauthorized people and transportation vehicles.

Refinary departments perform the regular monitoring of the Contractor's activities. Agreements concluded with the Contractor Companies contain the obligations on following the effective law regulations and local legislative acts in the area of industrial safety and labor protection and provide the imposing of the fines for the permitted offense. All cases of the permitted offense are taken into consideration at concluding the new Agreements with the contractors on the services provision.