Unique complex of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC process units allows currently to produce diesel fuel and motor gasolines of the highest quality in compliance with Euro-5 standard requirements.

Basic production of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC consists of two primary distillation units and crude oil desalting and dehydration unit ELOU-AT. At AVT-3, 4 units for the first time in refining industry kerosene hydrodemercaptanization sections were implemented and that allowed to avoid jet fuel hydrotreatment process.

Atmospheric residue vacuum distillation units VT-3 and VT-6 are meant for receiving vacuum gasoil which is a feedstock for FCC and Hydrocracking units.

Bitumen unit produces road, roof, petroleum and cover bitumen binding materials. In year 2002 at the bitumen unit for the first time in refining industry the column for road bitumen production as per “Biturox” process was commissioned into operation.

In year 2004 Visbreaker unit was commissioned at the Refinery, it allows to optimize the process of fuel oils preparation.

There are four catalytic reforming units on the Refinery: L-35/11, LG-35/11 and KR-600 with catalyst continuous regeneration constructed in year 2006 and increasing octane numbers of straight run gasolines and also L-35/6 which produces individual aromatic hydrocarbons.

FCC unit 1A-1M allows receive components of high-octane product gasolines.

Components of diesel fuel in compliance with grade Euro 5 are produced at hydrotreatment units L-24/6, LCH-24/7, new Diesel Fuel Hydrotreatment unit, which was commissioned in 2013. In the year 2014 the first section of LCH-24/7 unit was reequipped for the dewaxing process with the purpose to produce winter diesel fuel.

Process unit 25/7 provides the production of alkylate, gasolines high-octane component without any sulfur and aromatic compounds. On MTBE unit a corresponding additive is being produced. Gas fractionation unit is meant for separation of the gas mixtures to individual components and production of market fuel gases.

KM-2 oils unit provides the production of base oils and preparation on its base of high quality turbine, industrial, compressor and motor oils.

III Group Base Oils Production Unit which was commissioned in the year 2017 in accordance with the state program of import replacement allowed the refinery to start producing the contemporary base for the production of Russian synthetic lubrication materials.

Units for production of sulfur (Sulfur Production Unit) and sulfuric acid (Sulfuric Acid Production Unit) are meant for processing of hydrogen sulfide containing gas into the corresponding finished products.

Hydrocracker unit is designed to produce the components of motor gasolines, diesel and jet fuels treated from the harmful impurities.

Isomerization unit of the cuts C5-C6 ("Isomalk-2") produces high-octane components of gasoline, FCC Hidrotreatment unit lowers sulfur content in FCC gasoline.

Shipping of the market products is performed by motor, railroad and piping vehicles. Due to using the process of leak proof loading there is no contact between the oil products and the environment so the oil products do not get outside.

Auxiliary shops of the Refinery (heat-, water-, utilities consumption, instruments and automatics, communications, central Refinery laboratory, etc.) provide completely all the requirements of the basic process units.