Two types of YANOS products were included within 100 best products of Russia

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18 november 2016

Two types of YANOS products were included within 100 best products of Russia


On November 17th an official ceremony took place in Yaroslavl dedicated to the rewarding of Yaroslavl producers - participants of "100 best products of Russia" competition. YANOS presented two types of the oil products to the competition in which the Refinery has been participating since the year 2001. Lead-free gasoline of AI-95-K5 grade became the award winner and oil roof pitch BNK 115/15 became the award winner in the nomination "Products for industrial and technical functions".

Gasoline of AI-95-K5 grade is the basic fuel type for the majority of the cars which were produced abroad and new models of the Russian cars. It ensures the economic and stable operation of the motor in all its operation modes. High quality of this gasoline is guaranteed by its optimal composition: more than 10 components produced on the process units of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" allow the production of the fuel without using the additives, at that, the reliable start-up of the motor in the cold season of the year and its continuous operation during the hot season of the year are guaranteed.

Among all the components involved in gasoline production it is necessary to outline such components as isomerization product and alkylbenzene. They contain mostly isoparaffin hydrocarbons, have high octane number and have favorable effect on the fuel distillation. MTBE which is also included within the fuel composition increases its octane number, reduces the amount of deposits on the cylindrical and piston group elements and prevents the formation of the new deposits, prolongs the motor operation life cycle and reduces the discharge of contaminant substances into atmosphere.

Bitumen BNK 115/15 which also became the awarded winner of the competition is efficiently used in course of manufacturing different types of roof materials, in particular, flexible roofing tiles. The recipe of producing bitumen of BNK 115/15 grade which had not been produced earlier in Russia was developed by the specialists of the Research and Development Laboratory of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" in 2013. In February 2014 the production of BNK 115/15 grade bitumen started on a commercial scale. At present, particular process features of Bitumen Production Unit operation ensure the production of BNK 115/15 grade bitumen during spring and autumn period only, in future there will be some scheduled activities targeted at the possibility of its all the year round production.